Man Quits Online Dating After Tinder Date Goes Awry


Tinder, the popular mobile dating app that allows nearby users to match with each other, may be more trouble than it’s worth for some people.

On Nov. 18, Reddit user ‘wtff123’ wrote on the site’s message board entitled “TIFU,” an acronym for ‘Today I F----d Up,’ that he went on a Tinder date “with a very lovely woman” that went awry. After drinking, eating and taking a walk in the park, the woman, identified as Ashley, reportedly invited him into her home. 

Mid-sex act, the woman’s husband walked in. Unwitting paramour Wtff123 had no idea Ashley was married -- she had claimed she lived with her sister, who was out of town.

The Reddit user continued:

“He immediately starts charging at me as I stood there helplessly. He hit me with a flew blows and I was swinging back to get him away from me. I dazed him out with two punches to his jawline, push him real hard that he moved out the way and I hit the runner straight to the front door. All this was happening while she (his so called wife) was screaming as us to stop fighting."

Wtff123 added that he was swearing off online dating and, when he updated the post, he wrote that he wouldn’t press charges against Ashley’s husband.

“In reality, the husband is going through enough already and I wouldn't want anything else to be a greater burden on him,” he wrote. “I took them punches like a man and now I just have to deal with it. What I am going to do though is write a letter explaining the whole backstory and leave it in their mailbox with a 12 pack on top of it.”

Wtff123 did offer some advice - beware of Australian women.

This cautionary tale comes at the heels of another Tinder dating story that made headlines. On Nov. 12, U.K. woman Lauren Crouch took to her blog, "No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories," to recount a recent date she had.

After meeting a man she met from Tinder for coffee, Crouch was reportedly invited back to his place for dinner. She declined, but the man was persistent and sent her a text message inviting her again.

When Crouch again declined, he asked if she would pay him back for the coffee he bought her, so he could "use it on a date with someone else."

Crouch responded that she would donate the roughly $5 to a charity of his choice, but the man turned down that offer, saying that he would like to decide for himself what to do with the money.

He then sent his bank account information to her so she could transfer the money back into his account.

Sources: TIFU/Reddit, No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories / Photo Credit: FirmBee/Pixabay,

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