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Tim Tebow's First Mets Spring Training Game Is Rough (Video)

Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow played in his first spring baseball training game with the New York Mets on March 8 against the Boston Red Sox in Port St. Lucie, Florida (video below).

Tebow faced American League Cy Young award-winner Rick Porcello, who quickly struck him out, notes CBS Sports.

During his second at-bat, the 29-year-old grounded out in a double play with the bases loaded. While a Mets player did score, Tebow did not get the RBI because of the double play.

On his third time up, a pitch from Brian Johnson hit Tebow in his right shoulder. Tebow was not injured and got on base, but was thrown out in the next play.

Brandon Workman struck Tebow out at his fourth time at the plate.

After the game, Tebow told journalists: "I didn’t necessarily think some of those were strikes," reports Yahoo! Sports.

Tebow joked about being hit by the pitch: "I’ve been good at taking hits most of my career. That might come easier than anything else."

Mets manager Terry Collins is planning to start the former Heisman Trophy winner in the outfield during the team's March 10 against the Houston Astros.

Porcello burned Tebow a second time, this time off the field, when he joked about how Tebow walked behind home plate before taking his practice swings near the on-deck circle for the Red Sox, notes the Tampa Bay Times.

"I didn't know who that was back there," Porcello said. "I thought it was the ball boy."

"It was a first day for me getting to compete," Tebow offered. "I'll learn a lot from it. It's kind of what I expected from a competition level."

Tebow, who hit a few home runs in batting practice, added: "With almost anything I do, I get a little nervous because I care about it, the outcome and my teammates. But I'd also get nervous if I was going to talk to a high school football team before a game."

Red Sox manager John Farrell said Tebow's effort to make it with the Mets is a bold ambition, and shows his character: "It says he's not afraid of failure, and that's great for any athlete."

Tebow had a .194 batting average in the Arizona Fall League in 2016. He was at bat 62 times, and struck out 20 times, notes CBS Sports.

Before entering the minor league, the 29-year-old athlete had not played baseball since his high school days.

Sources: CBS Sports, Yahoo! Sports, Tampa Bay Times / Photo Credit: Steve Evans/Flickr

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