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3-Year-Old Girl Helps Pregnant Sheep Deliver Baby (Video)

The process of coaxing an animal to give birth can be intimidating to even the sturdiest of adults. One 3-year-old Welsh girl defied her young age by helping deliver an infant lamb on her family farm (video below).

In February 2016, the 3-year-old demonstrated her skills as a midwife when a ewe gave birth to a lamb. The remarkable scene was recorded on camera by the girl's mother, Rachel Nicholas.

Showing no qualms with the reproductive system, Lilly gets to work by plunging her hands within the mother ewe, feeling around as her mother gives her guidance, according to Shareably.

"Can you feel his nose?" Nicholas asks.

"Don't think so," the child responds as she roots around in the ewe's womb.

After some dexterous maneuvering, Lilly announces that she has found the lamb's two feet. Given the order to retract the baby, the tenacious child wriggles around as she tries to yank the infant into the world.

"He's a bit slippery," Lilly remarks, prompting her mother to ask if she needed to step in and do the honors.

But there was no need, because eventually the 3-year-old managed to pry the lamb's feet out from its mother's womb.

"Keep going!" Nicholas cheered on as Lilly pulled with all her might, drawing the newborn out from its mother and into the world.

"I got it!" Lilly exclaimed as she rubbed the wriggling lamb's stomach. Nicholas, after lifting the newborn's leg and conducting a swift investigation, concluded that Lilly had just delivered a girl.

Not bad for someone who had been a toddler only months beforehand.

Both Lilly and her mother live in Monmouthshire, Wales. Their family farm is host to not only sheep but also cows, dogs, pigs and ponies. If the child's competence while delivering life was not already impressive, the feat is made all the more remarkable by the fact that it was only her second time doing it.

"[Second] lamb pulled by Lilly for the Season," Nicholas wrote when she shared her video on Facebook. "She's well excited and pleased with herself. Not bad for [3 years old]."

In Wales, lambing season occurs roughly from January through April of every year, with ewes giving birth to lambs and keeping farms' sheep population fully ripe, according to WRC.

On March 18, Nicholas shared another video of Lilly helping deliver a different baby lamb, this time even more efficiently.

"Another year on and still got the knack," Nicholas wrote.

Sources: WRCRachel Nicholas/Facebook (2), Shareably / Photo credit: Rachel Nicholas/Facebook

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