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Three Men Judge Women Wearing Leggings On Fox News (Video)

The Fox News show "Fox & Friends" asked three men to judge women who wore leggings on the Oct. 27 broadcast (video below).

Co-host Steve Doocy led off the discussion by noting a viral video made by a mom who was upset by females wearing leggings that were too tight. Doocy then introduced his panel: "Duck Dynasty" star Willie Robertson, legal analyst Arthur Aidala and Andrew Sansone, the husband of a Fox News personality, notes

The discussion began with the men sharing their thoughts on whether or not their daughters should wear leggings, but then it took a creepy turn.

Doocy brought out three young women in leggings, one by one, for the men to judge whether or not the ladies' clothing was appropriate, reports

There were several comments about the women's bodies, laughing and applause as the men ogled the females.

Sources:, / Photo Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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