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Three-Legged Pit Bull Takes In Orphaned Kittens As Her Own (Video)

Pit bulls get such a bad reputation for being aggressive but a three-legged dog who took on the role of mother to a litter of kittens proves that the breed can often be gentle and lovable.

In the clip (below), filmed in Frederick, Maryland, a rescued three-legged pit bull named Bella can be seen cuddling with the orphaned kittens and cleaning them with her tongue, according to the Daily Mail.

At one point in the video, the dog stands up on all three legs and plays with the furry felines who try to cling on to her.

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“When we started fostering with our local shelter we already had a fairly good idea of how Bella would react to the new house guests,” Bella’s current owner, Grace Kuhn, wrote for The Dodo. “But we never anticipated just how stellar her mothering skills would be.”

She added: “She gladly shares her water bowl, her dog bed, and her human attention. She takes turns grooming them, and they greet her every morning by curling around her legs, and cry when she comes in from her walks. Bella is doing her part to make sure these kittens are well adjusted and adopted into their forever homes.”

In the past, Bella has also helped care for a rescued cow, piglets that were saved from slaughter, and battery-caged chickens from the largest farm animal rescue in California.

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Check out the video below and see Bella look after the kittens:

Sources: Daily MailThe Dodo

Photo Credit: Grace Kuhn/YouTube


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