Tens Of Thousands Of Sharks Migrate Off Florida Coast (Video)


Over 10,000 blacktip sharks were recently spotted migrating off the Palm Beach County, Florida, coastline. The sharks appear as small black dots in a video (below) filmed by Dr. Stephen Kajiura, a biological sciences professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), on Feb. 12.

"It's so cool," Kajiura told CBS 12. "These sharks are literally a stone's throw away from our shore."

According to Kajiura, the sharks average 6 feet in length, and normally migrate even farther south to Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, but instead have chosen to stay hundreds of feet off the Palm Beach County shoreline.

“One of the ideas may be that as they are getting south, if they are in a suitable habitat, then why not stay,” Kajiura told ABC News.

Kajiura has tagged 32 of the sharks and plans to tag 60 total in order to track “how long they are up there compared to how long they are down here."

Lifeguards have not shut down any beaches yet, and local folks are reportedly aware of the situation.

“For the most part, if you look historically, we have relatively few bites on people by blacktips in this area,” Kajiura said. “Most of the bites have been further north in Daytona.”

“These sharks are pretty skittish,” Kajiura added. “So when they see a human, they swim away.”

According to Kajiura, the sharks are normally in the area from January until mid-March, and then they will migrate north to the Carolinas.

Sources: ABC News, FAU Shark Migration/Facebook, CBS12 / Photo Credit: FAU Shark Migration via YouTube, Mark Mohlmann via ABC News

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