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This Town Had A Parade With A 65-Foot Statue Of Trump And Not Everyone Is Happy About It


In Viareggio, Italy, a 65-foot-statue of United States President Donald Trump was part of the festival Carnevale Di Viareggio, an annual festival where papier-mâché sculptures are displayed and paraded on the streets.

The statue depicts Trump wearing a gold crown and gold armor, wielding a giant sword that has the words ‘dasi vostri’ which means “your duties” or “your taxes.”

Italians stated on Twitter that the Italian phrase on the statue’s sword is also a play of words and can mean “none of your ******* business.”

One of the statue’s outstretched hands has long claw-like nails, and the statue stands on a float called “Master Drone.”

The sword also has blue birds by the hilt, symbolizing the social media platform Twitter where Trump is mostly active.

The kneepads feature the likeness of George Washington and the Statue of Liberty. Reports stated that the giant statue weighs over 40 tons, and villagers waved US flags as the statue made its way down the streets.

Fabrizio Galli, the sculptor, stated that he got inspiration from Warhammer 40,000 and had intended to use the sculpture to mock the president. He went on to say that the world was now in an “era of fantasy” and “virtual life” and that intellectual debate was a thing of the past. Galli clarified that the phrase on the sword stands for “here’s your ******* tariffs” and that the sword was “a joke.”

However, many fans of the US president are happily sharing the photo on social media and are appreciating the statue.

Galli stands by his motives, saying, “The time of intellectuals, philosophers and of old and worn culture is over…the Master-Drone flies over the Viareggio boardwalk as we prepare to pay the price.”

Sources: NBC 12 / Photo Credit: Time

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