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This Man Bought 120 Boxes Of Girl Scout Cookies So The Girl Scouts Could Pack Up And Get Out Of The Cold, Then The Story Took A Dark Turn


Last week, many applauded when the story of a certain man that bought up to 120 boxes of cookies from members of the girl scouts was posted online.

Today, that beautiful story of compassion has taken a turn for the worse.

In South Carolina, a certain man was said to have bought more than a handful of cookies from young members of the girl scouts. These girls were trying to make as many sales as they could, however, the weather was said to be quite cold at the time.

The girls cleared their ‘stock’ when a Good Samaritan decided to purchase all the cookies. His reason was that he wanted the kids to be out of the cold. Everyone who heard the news was quick to applaud the man in question.

However, in a sharp turn of events, the same individual has since been arrested. According to the spokesperson of the DEA, Detrick Lee McGowan was arrested for drug related offenses. He was said to be part of a group of individuals who were facing the law because they conspired to distribute cocaine, heroin, and the likes.

However, McGowan is said to have pleaded not guilty to the 10 counts that were levied against him by the federal court.

McGowan’s arrest came in less than a week after his generous act was posted on Facebook. It is not clear whether his arrest had anything to do with the viral post. However, the Washington Post reported that a warrant of arrest was issued out just 3 days before his impressive act of kindness.

McGowan was said to have paid a total of $540 to the girls who set up shop outside a supermarket.

According to the description by Kayla Dillard, who initially posted the act on Facebook, the man is question was an “amazing soul.” It was about 34 degrees Fahrenheit on that fateful night when McGowan decided to help the girls out.

As the news of his arrest broke out, parents and guardians confirmed that all members of the girl scouts were safe and free from any kind of danger.

However, at the time of filing this report, we noticed that the original Facebook post where Kayla lauded McGowan had been deleted. Kayla Dillard also refused to name the man that she earlier posted about. It is clear that she is refusing to address the matter.

McGowan is said to be involved in the drug trade with about a dozen other people. According to reports, McGowan and his other conspirators operated from a building in Mountville, South Carolina. They are said to be involved in the process of manufacturing, storing, as well as, distributing illicit drugs.

According to the DEA, the group allegedly conspired to bring more than a million dollars’ worth of drugs into the U.S. from Mexico.

Sources: NPR / Photo Credit: Google

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