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8-Year-Old Buys Dinner For Struggling Elderly Couple

An 8-year-old North Carolina girl is being commended for her act of kindness toward an elderly couple who was having a rough day.

Mylie Brothers was eating at a restaurant with her family when she looked out the window and noticed that an elderly man and woman were having difficulty getting out of their car.

Mylie's mother, Laurie, told WAVY that the man had to lift his wife out of the car and guide her into the restaurant.

When they finally made it inside, the woman tried to sit down but missed the chair and fell to the floor.

Mylie was affected by the scene and decided she wanted to pay for the elderly couple's dinner. She used her own money to do so, and she also wrote the couple a note that said, "Hope you have a nice dinner."

Laurie said she couldn't be more proud of her daughter's actions.

"Mylie's dad and I are so humbled and proud of the young lady she is becoming," she told WAVY. "We try to instill great morals and values into all three of our children."

WAVY uploaded the story to its Facebook page on Feb. 6, where it has received over 250 likes.

"Renews my faith in humanity," one user wrote. "Especially if it is [a] child or children doing the kindess."

Sources: WAVY, WAVY TV 10/Facebook / Photo credit: WAVY

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