Thieves Use Blowtorch On ATM, Accidentally Burn Cash (Video)


Some would-be thieves tried using a blowtorch on an ATM machine in Everett, Washington, on May 30, but the result wasn't quite what they were presumably going for (video below).

When first responders came to the Coastal Community Bank on the report of a fire, they found that the thieves had accidentally set the money in the cash box on fire, KCPQ reported.

The suspects did not get any cash, according to John Dickson, the bank's chief operations officer. Dickson said that a few weeks previous to the blowtorch attack, some masked suspects had tried to break into the bank's cash deposit box.

The Everett Police Department released surveillance video and photos of the ATM suspects, Eli Steen and Jason Kovar.

The story made it to Reddit, where users weighed in:

I live near this city; this is pretty much how stupid criminals are in Everett.

Oh well, back to asking people for cigarettes in front of QFC.

....they burned through the cash before they even had it....

Yay my city made the news :) and it wasnt car theft neither!

Their plan went up in flames.

I was stationed in Everett from 2004-2008. This does not surprise me in the slightest bit. My first apartment in Everett police raided the apartment across the hall from me because they had a meth lab, and a few months later a prostitution ring was busted that was ran out of a tenants van that was parked in the garage below.

Live a few miles from the bank, not surprised. Everett is about the closest metropolitan area to Seattle that is feasible to afford for families in poverty. Funny enough it's very similar to another city I used to live by. I like to visit because it reminds me of home. Wonder if there's correlation between distance from a major city and likelihood of crimes like these occurring?

In another bizarre crime story, a T-Mobile employee is accused of stealing a sex video off of a customer's cell phone in Pinellas Park, Florida, notes WFTS.

Roberto Sanchez-Ramos was arrested on May 26 for allegedly forwarding the sex video to himself, said police.

A woman reportedly went to a T-Mobile store to get her cell phone fixed, where she gave it to Sanchez-Ramos, who was supposed to reboot it and reactivate her phone service.

After getting her cell phone back, the woman noticed that her email client had been used to send her sexually explicit video to an email that allegedly belongs to Sanchez-Ramos. Sanchez-Ramos was subsequently charged with offenses against computer users and scheme to defraud.

Sources: KCPQ, Reddit, WFTS / Photo Credit: Sgt. Mark Fayloga/Wikimedia Commons

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