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Cat Refuses To Stay Out Of Grocery Store (Photos)

One domineering cat is a tremendous fan of his local grocery store. The stubborn feline enjoys perusing the store's shelves so much he has been a repeat customer, although staff would say he is more of an unwanted loiterer.

Olly is an orange tabby who lives in the Brockley area of London. Whenever he is let outside by his owner, the cat immediately slinks into a neighboring Sainsbury's grocery store, Shareably reports.

The cat began frequenting the store in November 2015, plopping himself on a shelf between the candy and soda and surveying his newfound domain.

"When [Olly's owners] left it outside the cat came in the shop at sat on the shelf," Sainsbury's deputy manager Georgios Michalaris told Mashable. He added that the cat was not cooperative when staff tried to shoo him out of the store. Clearly, the kitty could not be deterred from ruling his kingdom.

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"Security tried to remove him," store customer Jenny Stevens said on social media. "He sauntered straight back in."

While Olly may be an annoyance for the staff, he was a hit with customers. As the tabby lounges around the store floor, he welcomes shoppers to pay him tribute by scratching him behind the ears.

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The cat's audacious squatting proved to be so charming that Time Out London dubbed him its animal of the week, noting that Brockley locals had declared him the Sainsbury's "resident cat."

Adam Oliver, the celebrity cat's owner, revealed that Olly has a comfortable home and even a brother he enjoys cuddling with.

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"I've told the Sainsbury's staff to throw [Olly] out if too pesky," Oliver said. "Olly is always at Sainsbury's -- I don't think he can fit any other shops in his schedule."

Despite the community's affection for Olly, the grocery store that he lords over is not as amused by his antics.

"He lives in the house next door and he's in here every day, all the time," a Sainsbury's spokesman told The Telegraph. "He's not allowed to be here, the staff like him, but he is a health and safety risk."

Despite the store's best efforts to ward off Olly, the tenacious tabby was back at it again in January 2016, sitting atop a shelf and staring down imperiously over shoppers.

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Perhaps the Sainsbury's staff should learn to view Olly not as a loiterer but as a guardian protector. Any prospective shoplifter would think twice when they turn around and see the cat sitting atop a shelf, staring at them like a dutiful sentry.

Sources: Shareably, MashableThe TelegraphTime Out London / Photo credit: Jenny Stevens/Twitter

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