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Dad Carries Baby While Hunting With Gun (Photos)

Photos of a Texas father carrying his baby on his back while hunting with a gun have sparked controversy.

Owner of Hacienda Wildlife Company LLC, Travis Zatopek, was out shooting doves with friends when they took the photos, according to Mad World News.

In the photos, the father can be seen shooting into the air while the baby sleeps on his back. In the second photo, the baby is awake and looking up and to the side.

On Sept. 3, the photos were uploaded onto social media, where they provoked mixed reactions.

"When it's dove season, and you have baby duty!" reads the caption. "Owner of Hacienda, Travis Zatopek, making it happen!"

Some found the way the baby was being carried unsafe and were not as impressed.

"I hate to be so negative but as cute as this is its very dangerous!!!" one user wrote. "Baby should come first theres no way that you had no other choice but to take babe with you hunting hes not even being worn the right way and any number of things can happen!!! Maybe its just my nervousness with guns or maybe im just overprotective but as cute as this pic is i completely disagree with the actions of the father."

Others praised the father and found the picture amusing. Many defended the father's actions.

"This is so adorable, and such a hutter/dad move!!" another user responded. "I personally love it!! Baby even has in ear protection!! Good job dad!! But I can also sadly hear in my head all the hate messages this dads gonna get and/or more ppl b------ about gun violence and babies safety. BC even when you do all the things you think you can to protect your child, someone somewhere will have something negative to say. I say yay for dad for taking the extra step to make sure baby is taken care of!!"

Regardless of the responses, the photo has proven popular. Within two days, it had been shared more than 14,000 times and garnered more than 2,500 comments.

Sources: Mad World News, Hacienda Wildlife Company/Facebook / Photo credit: Hacienda Wildlife Company/Facebook

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