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Teen's Tweet Raises Questions About Car Crash

A teen's social media post on the day he was involved in a car crash that killed two has raised questions about the accident.

Elliot Hinton, 23, and Dylan Ballard, 17, died on April 23 after the car they were riding in crashed head-first into a tree in Hanover, Virginia. The driver of the vehicle and three others survived the crash.

The driver, who has not been identified, reportedly tweeted, "let's get drunk," earlier that day, prior to the crash, according to WWBT.

Court documents reveal that deputies smelled alcohol on the driver when they responded to the scene of the accident. 

A passenger reportedly told police that everyone in the car had been drinking and smoking marijuana that night. Police found a number of beer cans inside the vehicle.

A search warrant revealed that deputies also found a smoking device, a bottle of Clear Eyes eye drops, and a bottle of Egyptian Musk blunt powder air freshener in the vehicle, according to WTVR.

The Hanover County Sheriff's Department said the investigation of the accident is still underway and no charges have been filed.

Sources: WWBTWTVR / Photo Credit: WTVR

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