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Students Horrified By What They Got For Lunch (Video)

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Footage of the disgusting milk students were served at a school in Catskill, New York, went viral (video below).

In the clip, a student can be seen pouring chocolate milk from the container onto his tray. What comes out, however, is not milk at all. Rather, it appears to have a mucus-like consistency. The disturbing clip of the spoiled milk instantly went viral, garnering over 159,000 views on YouTube after first being shared via Reddit.

Some Reddit users offered their own ideas for getting the school to fix the problem, including one who suggested a protest.

“Everyone bring your own lunch and call the news. We had problems with bad food in my high school (things like occasional hair in it, poorly cooked, terribly seasoned) and protested by refusing to buy any more of it,” the Reddit member wrote. “Three days in and they still didn't care. Someone called the news that night and the CBS cameras showing up the next day got things fixed literally overnight.”

Others attempted to figure out why the milk had a mucus-like consistency rather than a lumpy one, as spoiled milk typically does. One person revealed their own theory as to why the milk looked the way it did.

“As a dairy worker. This is what happens when you leave milk out for over 6 hours then try to refrigerate it. The milk is curdled, then cooled down,” the Redditor said. “That best before date is a guess at best. In my experience, well stored milk lasts even longer than the best before date before even starting to smell, but poor handling can spoil it much faster.”

In a similar incident in Fort Washington, Maryland, high school students complained of spoiled and undercooked food after photo evidence went viral, says WTTG. The students alleged that they were, at times, given chicken nuggets that were hollowed out, expired fruit cups and moldy apple juice cartons. 

WTTG reached out to the school, but was not given a direct response regarding the allegations.

Sources: Reddit, Lionel Harris/YouTube, WTTG / Photo credit: Lionel Harris/YouTube

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