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Twin Newborn Foals Are Thrilled To Be Alive (Video)

After a Belgian draft horse pulled off the rare feat of giving birth to two healthy twins, her foals were up-and-running within four days. The two newborns frolicking together is a heartwarming sight to behold (video below).

Lisa and Fien are twin foals of the sturdy and well-tempered Belgian draft horse breed. Within just four days of being born, they were already confident on their hooves and happily drinking their mother's milk, Shareably reports.

With a lush green pasture as their backdrop, the two newborns bond with their mother, a tall and strong mare. Remarkably active and well-developed in their extremely young age, the two foals suckle from their mother's udder, receiving one of their very first meals.

In an idyllic scene, Lisa and Fien dutifully trot alongside their mother as she lumbers across a field. The new family rests together, idly munching blades of grass.

The two foals were fortunate to be born, let alone to be healthy. Roughly one in 10,000 horses gives birth to twins, and in those cases, the infant mortality rate is sadly high, according to Today.

Both Lisa and Fien are Belgian draft horses. Originating in Belgium, the equine breed has historically been utilized to complete heavy tasks such as forestry or logging. They are renowned as the strongest breed of draft horse and often the largest, SF Globe reports.

For instance, a Belgian draft horse named Big Jake held the Guinness World Record for the world's tallest horse in 2010 and 2013, his roughly 7-foot stance astonishing fans around the globe.

Big Jake is so enormous that he requires 1.5 bales of hay and 32 quarts of oats a day in order to satisfy his outsized appetite.

Belgian draft horses are also known for their friendly demeanor. As shown in the video, Lisa and Fien put on full display when a little girl approaches the twins.

First giving a pat on the mother mare's nose, the child proceeds to gingerly approach one of the foals.

The little girl's apprehensiveness soon dissipates, as both Lisa and Fien react to her with affection, responding warmly to her tiny hands running across their coats.

The heartwarming scene is a testament to the joys of a new family and a reminder that horses are among the world's most majestic creatures.

Sources: SF GateShareably, Today / Photo Credit: The_Gut/Flickr

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