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Capital One Rep's Act Of Kindness Goes Viral (Photos)

A Pittsburgh woman's Facebook post about how a Capital One representative helped her move past a stressful time in her life has gone viral.

Christina Grady, 36, didn't have much to smile about after her fiance broke up with her. Things went from bad to worse when her credit card was frozen due to "suspicious activity" while she was moving her furniture to a new address.

Grady called her credit card company, Capital One, and spoke with a representative named Tonya.

"I called and explained to this awesome woman, Tonya[,] that my fiance had broken up with me and I'd moved," she wrote on Facebook. "She was like, 'Girl, I am giving you 4,500 free miles. Go on vacation. Take so many pictures of yourself all happy and post them all over that Instagram.'"

The "miles" equate to $45, according to BuzzFeed, who interviewed Grady about her recent experience.

Five days after her conversation with Tonya, Grady received a text message from her ex-fiance telling her that someone had sent her flowers to his house.

Confused, Grady went to pick up the flowers while her ex was at work. Attached to the bouquet was a personalized message -- from Tonya.

"I'm glad we had the chance to speak recently," the message read. "Please know that you are in my thoughts and I hope that these can brighten your day! Best wishes, Tonya, KYY905, Capital One."

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"When I saw they were from Tonya, I was just like, 'Aaah, yes!'" Grady told BuzzFeed.

Grady now plans to take Tonya's advice and go on vacation by herself to Belize, the site of her canceled wedding.

"Before, I was thinking I’d go on this depressing trip where everyone’s going to try and make me happy," she told BuzzFeed. "Now, the plan is, I’m going to use the miles, bring my wedding dress, put it on, take a bunch of pictures of me marrying pizza, and I asked Capital One if they would send Tonya."

Grady said her interaction with Tonya has changed her perspective.

"Now, when I feel stuck, I think, 'What would Tonya say?'" she said. "She's like a fairy godmother of sorts."

"It's nice when someone takes the time to be kind and bring out your strength," Grady added. "And that's what Tonya did for me."

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BuzzFeed also contacted a Capital One spokesperson, who told them that the company encourages its employees to perform "random acts of kindness for our customers."

"The program enables our agents to follow up on customer conversations in unexpected, personalized and creative ways," the spokesperson said.

Grady's Sept. 14 Facebook post describing her experience has been shared over 1,600 times.

Sources: BuzzFeed, Christina Grady/Facebook / Photo credit: Christina Grady via BuzzFeed

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