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Woman Helps Homeless Man To Turn His Life Around

A Texas woman has become a media sensation after inviting a homeless man to live in her home.

Ginger Jones Sprouse had been concerned about Victor Hubbard, 32, a homeless man who would sit on a corner in Clear Lake City near Houston, Texas -- a spot she would drive by every day on her way to work. 

She learned from local officials and community members that he went to the corner every day to see if his mother who had left him three years earlier would come back.

Jones Sprouse opened her home to him in December after officials told her they could not help, Daily Mail reports.  

The mother of two has since given Hubbard a job at her cookery school, paid for his health insurance and raised $25,000 through a GoFundMe crowdfunding page to pay for costs related to his future housing. 

She explained she had gotten to know him gradually when she drove by the corner he had been living on for three years.

"He never asked for any money, he never asked for anything. Sometimes he would refuse. If he'd already eaten that day and you offered him food he'd say 'I'm OK, I already ate.' He's extraordinarily honest," she said. 

"Everybody knew him, knew of him. They said he's not a danger to himself or to anyone and he's not bothering anyone so they couldn't help him," she added. "It was frustrating to me because this was someone who obviously needed help." 

According to Good News Network, she would visit and talk to him during her lunch breaks. 

Out of concern, she initially set up a Facebook page for him but decided to move him in with her and when the weather got cooler. 

Backed by the funds raised from the GoFundMe page, she is helping him get treatment for his mental illness. The extra money also paid for hotel accommodations when she was out of town.

Hubbard now lives with Jones Sprouse, her husband and their children full time and has taken on a second job at a fast food restaurant. 

The This Is Victor Facebook page is still being updated about the latest news of his life and has become popular. 

The social media page helped him find the mother who had abandoned him at the corner. 

Hubbard's mother was living and working in the Houston area. Jones Sprouse says Hubbard has seen her once since his rehabilitation but they haven't seen each other since. 

It's unclear why the two remain estranged. 

"He did get to see her and reassure her that he's OK and we just kind of left it at that," Jones Sprouse said. 

She is now looking for additional help to pay for his upkeep. 

"He is welcome to live with me and my family for as long as he wants to," she said.

Sources: Daily MailGood News Network / Photo credit: Provided via KHOU

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