Lady Gaga Mistakes Music Fest For Pride March (Photos)


In a picture posted to her Instagram page, pop star Lady Gaga appeared to confuse Chicago's Mariachi and Folklorico Festival with the city's gay pride march.

The image shows Gaga standing on the balcony of her Chicago apartment with "Gay Pride" written across her chest and stomach. Down below, a huge crowd of people is seen gathered in the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park.

"Watching over Chicago Pride from my apartment and smiling so big," she wrote, according to the Chicago Tribune. "So many happy people. Happy pride!"

But the event Gaga refers to in the photo was not the gay pride parade -- it was the Chicago Mariachi and Folklorico Festival, a celebration of the Mexican music genre hosted by the Mariachi Heritage Foundation.

The free event featured musicians Mariachi Sol de Mexico de Jose Hernandez, Mariachi Aztlan-UTPA and Mariachi Monumental de Mexico.

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Noticing Gaga's gaffe, the Mariachi Heritage Foundation uploaded her Instagram picture to its Facebook page and thanked her for drawing attention to the festival.

"Lady Gaga shares a photo yesterday overlooking the Mariachi & Folklorico Festival at Millennium Park from her hotel room, thinking it was Chicago's Pride Fest!" the foundation wrote. "'So many people' she says! Thank you again for helping us make history!"

Gaga later took to Twitter to assure her fans that she had not confused the two events.

"I am proud in general and did not mistake anything I spent the entire day riding around the city seeing people celebrate," she wrote, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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Chicago's third annual Mariachi and Folklorico Festival took place on June 25, drawing over 20,000 people, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

"It’s just kind of like being home away from home," said 55-year-old Jose Luis Diaz, whose family hails from Mexico. "This brings back all of our traditions, just makes us feel reminiscent of our family that’s still down in Mexico."

"I’m glad the city finally kind of gives us a little recognition and gives us this area to express our culture," he added. "I believe at some point [the city] kind of shunned us a little bit and kept us segregated by Little Village and Pilsen. But now that they see we’ve kind of grown in numbers, they’ve kind of opened up things for our culture and let us utilize these spaces."

Cesar Maldonado, president of the Mariachi Heritage Foundation, said the group raised $120,000 for the festival.

"Chicago’s really becoming the second mariachi capital for the world, Guadalajara [Mexico] being number one," Maldonado told the Sun-Times.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times / Photo credit: marcen27/Flickr via Wikimedia Commons, Lady Gaga/Instagram via Chicago Tribune, Mitch Dudek/Chicago Sun-Times

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