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'Weird' Photo of Trumps And Jordan Royals Catches Heat (Photo)

A "weird" photo of the first couple posing with King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan is raising eyebrows.

In the picture, Queen Rania and an unsmiling first lady Melania Trump stand stiffly behind their seated husbands, Yahoo reports.

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"A senior State Department protocol official describes this setup (with Queen Rania and Mrs. Trump standing) as 'so weird,'" journalist Yashar Ali tweeted in response to the picture.

Many on social media agreed, implying the arrangement was sexist and reflected the powerful men's attitudes towards women.

"Rania has the lead going into the 2017 Heads of State Trophy Wife Final, but Melania is hoping to even the score in the evening gown round," joked one Twitter user.

"Literally, not having a seat at the table," added another. "Yup."

"They have to be ready to serve their masters at a seconds notice, no time for sitting -- better stand at attention in heels. #misogyny," chimed in a third person.

Some accused Trump of simply acting ungentlemanly.

"There was a time when it would have been considered rude not to offer the seats to the women at a formal occasion," wrote one man. "But not Donald."

Others defended the U.S. first couple and Jordanian royals, accusing critics of hypocrisy.

"Wow, cyber bullying at its finest...what a bunch of hypocritical evil people spouting out in these comments #forcefeedinghypocrisy," tweeted one woman.

"I don't think it's going to matter what these ladies ever do it seems that most people are not giving them credit for anything so sad," wrote a second person.

"No matter how beautiful and smart are these women you will always criticized them," added a third. "You are jealous people. "

Before taking the controversial photo, the four had just finished discussing strategies to beat terrorism and the war in Syria in the Oval Office.

It's not the first time people have criticized President Trump's relationship with his wife.

At the inauguration, many accused Trump of ignoring his wife repeatedly and acting ungentlemanly.

Many, for example, noted how Trump walked up the stairs to the White House by himself, shook hands with the former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, while the Obamas waited for Melania to get out of the car and come up the stairs.

"I feel sorry for Melania," wrote John Aravosis for America Blog, who called the president's treatment of his wife "abhorrent" and added his behavior "spoke volumes" about his true character. "I’d love to get Trump in a room with Michelle for five minutes. That would set him straight."

Sources: Yahoo, Yashar Ali/Twitter, America Blog / Photo credit: Disney ABC/Flickr, Yashar Ali/Twitter

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