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Clip Of Kids Immersed In Gadgets Sparks Debate (Video)

An Australian video experiment (below) highlights the extent to which some children are both disconnected from their families and excessively attached to their gadgets.

Dolmio, a pasta sauce brand, conducted the test after studies revealed 1 in 5 Australian parents complain technology disrupts their family mealtimes more than five times a week, the Daily Mail reports.

In the YouTube video, uploaded on Aug. 23, parents sit their children down at the dinner table while hidden cameras begin filming.

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The four kids -- ages 8 to 10 years old -- are shown immersed in their iPhones and iPads, playing games and performing other activities.

That's when the test begins.

From the parents adjusting the decor to random strangers entering the residence, the home suddenly begins to drastically change.

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One clips reveals a stranger putting on a Viking helmet walking in and hanging up a yellow zebra painting on the wall.

In another, two of the children are replaced by a man in his 30s and a little boy carrying a bonsai tree, while the sister is replaced by a different girl.

The mothers are switched out, too.

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But in all of these instances, the children remained completely oblivious to the changes around them. Instead, they sit, completely absorbed in their gadgets.

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It's only at the end of the clip when the Wi-Fi is shut off do the bewildered children look up to see the different family and home in front of them.

"Sometimes we need to disconnect to connect," the screen reads at the end.

"Family time is important," a voiceover adds. "Let's not ruin it with tech."

The experiment captured the attention of many worldwide.

Some blamed the parents while others believe the video illustrates the extent to which technology has taken over everybody's lives.

"It's not just the kids, I could do this with my wife, adult daughters & my co-workers," writes Jim Ruffing on The Blaze's Facebook post about the video. "More importantly this zombie like behavior takes place while crossing streets & driving. It's amazing to me that more people aren't killed by the actions of these zoned out people."

Sources: Dolmio/YouTube, Daily Mail, The Blaze/Facebook / Photo credit: Dolmio via Daily Mail

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