Elderly Man Kicked Out Of Bar For Rude Comments


A 60-year-old man has been banned from a drinking and eating establishment after a sexist remarks. According to Indy Star, the incident happened at Black Acre Brewing Company, located in Irvington, Indiana.

The company’s founder, Jordan Gleason, wrote about the incident on Facebook on April 1:

"Today I had to explain to a 60 year old man why he was banned from the pub. In January he made several sexist remarks about the female staff that were working. He told them to their faces that that he liked looking at their t--- while they washed dishes, and their a---- while they were pouring drinks. He was told to leave and not come back. He came back last month, and was told we wouldn't serve him. He came back yet again today, and when told he wouldn't be served demanded to talk to a manger.”

Gleason’s post had been shared almost 9,000 times in three days, with the comments being mostly positive.

"But we're men and they're females. Is cleavage just not a thing anymore?" the customer asked Gleason.

"I told him yeah buddy, it's not, and I won't be changing my mind about having him served," Gleason wrote.

But this isn’t an isolated incident. Gleason says that “The sheer number of times [female bar employees] get groped, or harassed, or treated like objects would blow your mind.”

Adding, "The worst of it is how normal their harassers think their behavior is."

Gleason says the perpetrators try to justify their actions by saying women shouldn’t dress certain ways. They think Gleason will agree because he’s also a man.

"What terrifies and enrages me is how every one of them thinks that this is normal behavior, but also that other men will agree with them," Gleason wrote.

The brewery owner ends his statement by writing, “We need to listen when our sisters talk about this, and not just blame it on some bad apples. Not just say 'not all dudes do that' or 'well no one I know would ever do that.' Nah man. This is an endemic cultural problem.”

Sources: Indy Star, Facebook / Photo credit: Kelly Wilkinson/Indy Star

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