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Police Officer Floored by Teen's Tender Request (Photo)

A North Carolina police officer was taken aback by a request made by a teenager who came up to him as he sat in his patrol car.

The young man asked him, "Can I pray for you?"

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Brad Potter later admitted he was stunned by the question, and was not expecting anything like it at all.

"To go up to a complete stranger and ask to pray for them, what an amazing act of pure kindness," he stated in a Facebook post about the event, WSOC reports.

Potter at first thought Caleb Turner, a sophomore at Northside Christian Academy in Charlotte, was going to ask him for directions. 

His impulse was natural, as the officer was parked at his regular spot at a gas station, where he is often asked for directions.

But the 16-year-old's request floored him. 

"To be honest, I was pretty stunned. It was not what I was expecting. I stammered out an 'Of course.' And I sat there, in a bit of awe at the heart of this young man," Potter wrote on Facebook. 

"We held hands and we prayed," Turner later said. "I prayed for him, for his safety and the safety of the other officers, and thanked them for what they do." 

Potter said he walked over to meet Turner's father and told he had raised "an incredible son."

"[H]e smiled that proud smile a parent loves to show off, saying simply 'He does the kind of thing all the time.' By this point, I wasn't surprised," the officer wrote. 

Turner's father hopes his son's acts of grace serve as inspiration for others.

"A new wave of compassion on all sides," Victor Turner said. "Not just from the community to officers, but officers to the community as well."

Caleb expressed surprise that his act has received so much attention.

"I wasn't expecting any of this. I just did it, just [because]," he said. 

In June 2016, a young boy in a Florida diner had a similar request for a group of Florida police officers about to have breakfast.

Joshua Garza, 6, who just had breakfast with his mother, asked the table full of officers if they could all pray together for their continued safety, Fox News reports.

"He knows what's going on in the world, and he doesn't like it," said his mother, Kelly Garza, after explaining her son had been affected by the 2016 Orlando, Florida, massacre of 49 people at a city nightclub. 

Sources: WSOC, Love What Matters/Facebook, Fox News / Photo credit: George Hodan/Public Domain Pictures, Brad Potter via Love What Matters/Facebook

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