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Picture Of Boy Talking To His Twin Brother Goes Viral (Photos)

A photo of a young boy telling his deceased twin brother about his first day of kindergarten at his grave site is going viral.

When Brooke Myrick took her children to visit Willis's grave site in 2012, Walker ran ahead so that he could tell his twin brother about his first day of school, the Daily Mail reported. Myrick captured the moment in a now viral photo.

The photo shows Walker, who was 5 at the time, sitting beside his twin brother's grave.

"He told us he just wanted to tell Willis about school," Brooke told the Daily Mail. "It is special for me and that photo meant so much to me. When we lost him I just always wanted Walker to never forget Willis."

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Willis passed away in the womb from twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, or TTTS, while Brooke was 24 weeks pregnant. The couple learned about the news during a routine ultrasound check up.

"They were my first born and it was heartbreaking thinking that we were bringing home twins," Brooke said. "They were born at 11.22pm on March 6 and it was the most bittersweet moment.

"It was so hard. I wasn't ready to see Willis yet, I wanted to wait until the drugs had wore off."

"I saw him two days later. My mind was finally prepared at that time," Brooke added. "I held him and kissed him and sang to him. Walker was two pounds fifteen ounces and he went straight to the NICU."

Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome occurs when identical twins share a placenta, but one is getting more blood flow than the other.

Although Walker, who is now 9, never met his twin brother, Brooke said he regularly asks to visit him in the cemetery to talk and bring him gifts.

"I do think they share a special bond," Brooke said. "They were identical twins so I think it will always be there."

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The family is now raising awareness of TTTS. They hold an annual fundraiser called the "Walker and Willis Birthday Walk to Fight TTS" on March 6.

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"I think he feels a sense of peace at the grave site," Brooke added. "Even though years have passed, he has told us he believes his brother is always with him. He does speak of him often and shares his brother with his friends."

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Sources: Daily Mail, Walker and Willis Birthday Walk to Fight TTTS/Facebook / Photo credit: Brooke Myrick via Daily Mail 

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