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The Obamas' Latest Family Vacation Faces Backlash Over Its Price Tag


Just last Friday, the famous former president Barack Obama and his family had just checked in the luxurious Le Mas des Poiriers, an exclusive and prestigious 18th century farmhouse in the Provence region of France, that costs each week a whopping $62,274 (55,000 Euros) just to rent and stay in, including various luxurious amenities for the family to wholly enjoy themselves.


It can be well understood that being the previous First Family means that they need to take many things into consideration when it comes to planning their vacation, such as safety concerns and getting the privacy and comfort away from the media, and hence choosing the Le Mas des Poiriers as their top pick for the ex-presidential family’s week-long family vacation.

With a secluded and intimate environment, this lavish vacation rental covers at around 62 acres of land and contains a nine bedrooms, a private pool and a tennis court. The property is also laden with various plethora of flowers and nature amidst the pristine brick walls of the location, with a large pear orchard farm that produce tons of fruit each year. The area of the property is entirely secluded from the public, with the exception of the visitor’s own personal housekeepers and their own private culinary team comprised of the best chefs and waiters in the area, truly offering their promise of “true seclusion.”


It had been first reported from Midi Libre that the family had been expected to arrive at Villeneuve-lès-Avignon just the south of France for the visit just last Friday, where Michelle, Barack, and their two daughters Malia and Sasha had gone to the luxurious farmhouse also is reported to cost around approximately $62,274 (55,000 Euros) per week.

Sources: Insider / Photo Credit: Google

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