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Thank You Note Brings Officer Together With Fiancee Of Deputy Who Died (Video)


An officer and a deceased deputy’s fiancee crossed paths thanks to a touching note of appreciation (video below). 

On Sept. 3, Officer John Childress in Sunny Isles, Florida, was taking a dinner break at a local Tony Roma’s restaurant when he was handed a note, reports WSVN.

“When I read the note, both me and the waiter were unbelievably touched,” he said. The note was left by a complete stranger, who had also paid his bill.

“Dear law enforcement officer, my fiance, Deputy Jacob Calvin, was killed in the line of duty in June of 2014. Thank you for all the sacrifices that you make every day. I somewhat understand the challenges that you face every day. The thin blue line stands strong. Take care and be safe. Thanks again, Sam,” the note read. 

Childress was so touched by the letter that he began to research Calvin’s story. He found out that Calvin, who patrolled an area north of Indianapolis, Indiana, was killed when his car ran off the road and flipped over while responding to a call.

“It was unfortunate to the loss out here. It's a tragedy, especially for a small community,” resident Tim Clouser said of the effect Calvin’s death had on the community.

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Childress enlisted the help of his chief, Fred Maas, to track down Sam, Calvin's fiancee.

“We reached out to the sheriff of the county up there, and he knew exactly who we were talking about. In fact, his comment to me was, 'That sounds like Sam,’” Maas said. Samantha Hawkins and Childress eventually got in touch, and communicated via FaceTime.

“It really touched me, that you would do something that nice for me,” Childress told her.

“Absolutely, absolutely. I'm glad that it made such a difference,” Hawkins responded. 

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Hawkins said she believes the gesture was a divine one.

“I believe that God brought me in that situation,” she said. 

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Check out more of the pair's heartwarming meeting below.

Sources: WSVN, YouTube / Photo credit: WSVN


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