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Texas Road Rage Fight Involves Baseball Bat, Pole (Video)

A cellphone video (below) filmed on Jan. 25 shows two drivers in Austin, Texas, going at it with a baseball bat and a pole on Interstate 35.

Noel Esquivel, who goes by the user name Noel Deric on Twitter, uploaded the video to the social media site. He told KVUE. "I didn't expect for this to happen. I just pulled out my phone."

The video shows one man hitting a pickup truck with a baseball bat. The pickup truck driver walks to the back of his vehicle and pulls out a pole, and the two men begin to fight.

Police are still searching for the man with the baseball bat, in what authorities are calling a case of aggravated assault.

“I would urge citizens not to get involved in a disturbance,” Officer William Costello told KXAN. “Just be the best witness you can. Instead of filming, call 911.”

“We ask that you do not pull over because that might escalate the incident," Costello added. "Do not ever go home because you don’t want that person knowing where you live. So just get to a safe place, call 911 and just wait til the police arrive.”

WARNING: Video contains strong language and violence.

Sources: KVUE, KXAN / Photo credit: Noel Deric/Twitter

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