This Woman Gets An Unexpected Surprise When She's Pulled Over By The Cops (Video)


A police officer in Galveston, Texas, captured his surprise proposal to his girlfriend during a traffic stop on camera, and now, the clip has gone viral.

Galveston police officer Gregory Parris planned the thoughtful proposal with help from his fellow officers, and when the big day finally came, the whole plan went off without a hitch. Parris sat waiting in his patrol car as a fellow officer pulled over his girlfriend Sara Wolff. When the officer went to the window, he told her that she had a broken tail light. Completely straight-faced, the officer then informs Wolff that she has outstanding warrants and asks her to get out of the car before a lieutenant arrives to assist.

"He said, 'Do you want her in handcuffs?' and I said, ' No don't put her in handcuffs,'" Parris recalled.

At the exact moment, Parris pulled up to the scene in his patrol car, got down on one knee, and popped the question.

"He said, 'Sarah Jane Wolff, will you be my wife?'" recalled Wolff, who said yes.

"She might have gone to jail otherwise," Parris joked of her answer to his proposal.

The wedding is reportedly set for July 6 of this year, and Wolff said she couldn't think of any better way for him to have popped the question.

Check out the heartwarming clip below.

Sources: KHOU, ABC News


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