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Texas Police Chief Responds To Calls To Remove 'In God We Trust' From Police Cars (Photos)

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A Texas police chief responded to an organization’s demand for him to remove “In God We Trust” from his department's police cruisers with a simple, four-word denial.

Chief Adrian "Ottis" Garcia of the Childress Police Department posted a letter he wrote to the Freedom From Religion Foundation on Facebook on Sept. 28, after the organization sent a request for him to remove decals with the phrase from the department’s police cruisers. Freedom From Religion Foundation is a nonprofit based in Madison, Wisconsin, which advocates for separation of church and state.

“I received a letter from the freedom of religion foundation, demanding we remove the ‘In God we trust’ off our patrol units,” Garcia wrote. “So I responded back with this letter.”

The response letter was addressed to Freedom From Religion representative "Annie."

“Dear Annie,” Garcia wrote. “After carefully reading your letter I must deny your request in the removal of our Nation’s motto from our patrol units, and ask that you and the Freedom From Religion Foundation go fly a kite.”

According to Garcia, support for the decals was overwhelming within the local community. 

“Thank you Chief Garcia for standing up for what is right. God Bless America,” one reader commented.

“This is our Freedom of Religion and speech to display 'In God We Trust' on our vehicles!!!!” another wrote.

Do you think the police department should remove the religious message from its cars?

Sources: Mad World News, KTXS / Photo credit: KTXS, Childress Police Department/Facebook


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