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Texas Pit Bull Plays Mom To Stray Kitten

When the Dallas Dog RR found a pit bull named Pittie on the side of the road, they noticed a kitten nearby, which Pittie has since latched on to as one of her own.

Pittie apparently tried to nurse the kitten, since the dog had just recently given birth, though she couldn’t because her milk had dried up. So, had the pair not been found that day and taken to the Mercy Animal Clinic, the kitten wouldn’t have survived.

According to Dr. Rick Hamlin, the rescue case was of the “stars aligning.”

Though the kitten, named Kitty, is being bottle-fed, Pittie has continued to mother her.

“Each morning and when I go in to get Kitty for a feeding she is usually snuggled with Pittie,” Hamlin said.

According to Hamlin, Pittie made her first noises when Hamlin attempted to take Kitty out of the cage one day. The next morning, Pittie was overjoyed to see the return of her friend and gave Kitty a tongue bath.

“It was a tremendous reunion,” Hamlin said.

Staff members are currently working to find the two a home together. 

Sources: Life With Dogs, Today / Photo Credit: Life With Dogs


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