Texas News Anchor Caught Texting During Broadcast (Video)


A news anchor in San Antonio, Texas, recently got caught texting while live on the air.

A weatherman finished up his forecast on WOAI, and the camera cut to the news set where anchor Evy Ramos was texting on her phone, noted FTVLive.com (video below).

Her fellow anchor joked, "Evy, don't text and anchor."

Ramos joined the station in May 2014 and was described by MySanAntonio.com as a "bilingual stunner" who had good on-screen chemistry with news anchor Randy Beamer.

Originally from Mexico, Ramos has previously worked in Fresno, Los Angeles and San Diego, California.

Sources: FTVLive.com, MySanAntonio.com
Image Credit: WOAI Screenshot


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