Tenor Sings 'All Lives Matter' At All-Star Game (Video)


Remigio Pereira, a member of The Tenors, went off script on July 12 when he changed the lyrics of the Canadian national anthem to include "all lives matter" during an on-field performance at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in San Diego (video below).

Pereira also held up a small sign that read "All Lives Matter" on one side and "United We Stand" on the other side, notes CBC Sports.

Pereira was supposed to sing: "With glowing hearts we see thee rise. The True North strong and free."

The other three tenors appeared to be shocked when Pereira changed the lyrics to: "We're all brothers and sisters. All lives matter to the great."

"All lives matter" has often been used as a pejorative pushback against the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

The Tenors later tweeted a statement:

The Tenors are deeply sorry for the disrespectful and misguided lack of judgment by one member of the group acting as a "lone wolf" today ... The other members of the group are shocked and embarrassed by the actions of Remigio Pereira, who changed the lyrics of our treasured anthem and used this coveted platform to serve his own political views. ... Our sincere apologies and regrets go out to everybody who witnessed the shameful act ... The actions of  one member of this group were extremely selfish and he will not be performing with The Tenors until further notice.

Pereira defended his actions in several tweets, according to CBC Sports:

I've been so moved lately by the tragic loss of life and I hoped for a positive statement that would bring us ALL together. ONE LOVE.

That was my singular motivation when I said all lives matter.

I speak for the human race and the lives of all sentient beings. Love, peace and harmony for ALL has always been my life's purpose.

The performance wasn't broadcast on U.S. TV but did air in Canada where there were strong objections to the ad-lib.

Sources: CBC Sports, The Tenors/Twitter / Photo Credit: Major League Baseball via YouTube

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