Tennis Player Jack Sock Tells Opponent To Challenge Call That Favors Sock (Video)


Tennis players are known to challenge calls against them, but Jack Sock advised his opponent, Lleyton Hewitt, to challenge a call that favored him (Sock) during the Hopman Cup match at the Perth Arena in Australia on Jan. 5 (video below).

Hewitt, an Australian legend, served a ball that was ruled a fault by the judge, but Sock, an American, told Hewitt, “That was in, if you want to challenge it."

Hewitt was stunned, but Sock encouraged him again to challenge it as the audience laughed.

After Hewitt challenged the ruling, a replay showed the ball hitting the line and the judge reversed the call.

Hewitt ultimately won the match in two sets, 7-5 and 6-4, ESPN reported.

For his honesty, Sock is becoming an Internet celebrity.

Sources: ESPN, Sports Illustrated / Photo Credit: YouTube

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