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Teens Trash Woman's House After Her Daughter's Friends Find Out She Is Away For The Night

A mother from Scotland returned home from a short vacation with a friend to find her house completely trashed by her daughter's friends, who had discovered it was empty after someone posted her address on Facebook.

Karen McGuinness says she had only planned to go away overnight and assumed all of her four children were out for the evening. But her 15-year-old reportedly managed to sneak back into their home with friends, with the intention of listening to music and hanging out.

Things got completely out of control after one of her daughter's friends posted a message on Facebook about heading off to an "empty" house and included McGuinness' address in Newton Mearns, near Glasgow, reports the Mirror.

McGuinness, 47, received a phone call from one of her neighbors warning her that up to 50 teenagers had stormed her house. She returned home to find a nightmare waiting for her.

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"They totally trashed my house," McGuiness said. "Every part of my home is ruined. What kind of kids are out there doing this?"

The teens, many of whom were strangers to her daughter, reportedly pulled her son's TV off his wall, kicked it in, and threw his Xbox out the window. She says they destroyed her hall banister, cracked her walls, broke her bedroom door off its hinges, emptied her refrigerator and cabinets and threw meat, eggs, and other food around the house, poured mysterious liquids all over her cushions and curtains, and trashed her bathroom, leaving it covered in shampoo, shower gel, toilet paper and toothpaste. 

In addition to committing acts of vandalism that is going to cost McGuinness thousands of pounds to repair, someone reportedly stole a set of rosary beads that was in her kitchen and had belonged to her recently deceased father. 

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McGuinness is a single mother and support worker at a school for children with special needs who says she doesn't know how she is going to pay for the damages. Her insurance company won't help because they say the teens were invited to her home.

McGuinness says her neighbors tried to kick the teens out of her house, but they wouldn't listen. When police were called, they didn't reportedly arrest anyone and many of the kids fled the scene, destroying her neighbors' yards in the process. 

The mom was able to find out the identities of some of the teens and says she will be speaking to their parents. 

Source: Mirror/Photo Credit: the Mirror, Tumblr


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