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Teen's Reaction To Fish Dying Goes Viral (Video)

A video (below) of a young teen crying during a fishing trip when her catch dies has gone viral.

Although little is known about the video, which was posted by Break Clips on YouTube, the teen who is apparently named Kaley was distraught when the tiny fish she caught died on the hook.

It was apparently the first fish Kaley ever caught and she initially grins while a woman films her on the edge of a lake, which appears to be in North America.

She quickly grows hysterical and begs her father to take it off the hook when someone points out the fish is dead. She cried as the father put the fish back in the lake, but she went in and tried to make it move.

Sadly, Kaley’s tears did nothing to revive the fish. The clip had received more than 19,000 views between June and January 2016.

Earlier this year, another video featuring a dead fish went viral. A distraught little girl was featured in a video singing Fetty Wap’s “679” at her pet fish’s funeral. The video became wildly popular and received more than 300,000 views.

Sources: Break Clips/YouTube, College Nation/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot

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