Teens Prove Their Friendship Surpasses Down Syndrome During High School Prom

A high school student and her best friend, who has Down syndrome, became an Internet sensation after holding up a bold sign at prom.

“Real friends don’t count extra chromosomes,” the sign reads.

Matt Pliska, who has Down Syndrome and is also a leukemia survivor, asked Mikenyz Snell to be his prom date. On their big night, the juniors made a big statement at their prom with that sign.

“I just feel like it really shows our friendship to the next level of where it actually is but people might not see behind closed doors,” Snell told WBAY.

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Snell was an excellent date and made sure that Pliska was elected to be on prom court. When she learned that his name hadn’t been added to the junior class ballot, she took it up with the high school office. Pliska’s name was eventually added to the list and he was elected onto prom court.

Snell’s mom, Carmen, said that the two do everything together. They go to movies, dinner and high school sporting events. The two have been inseparable since fifth grade, when they were paired together for a class trip.

Snell, who coaches Special Olympics basketball, said she hopes to one day have a career working with people with disabilities. 

Sources: DailyMail, The Huffington Post

Photo Credit: Mikenzy Snell via The Huffington Post


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