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Student's Dress Sparks Debate, Then A Bizarre Twist

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A mom posted a picture of the dress that got her daughter reprimanded for being too short, and to prove a point, she posted it alongside a picture of a random male student in short shorts. Unfortunately for her, the male student found the picture online and responded with the last thing she expected to hear.

Sophia Abuabara, an honor student and junior at Tom C. Clark High School was reprimanded by the vice principal for wearing inappropriate clothing, reports Teen Vogue. The school administrator deemed Sophia's long-sleeved dress to be unfit for school and asked her, in the middle of a class, to change.

In response, Sophia's mother Rosey posted both an Instagram photo about the incident and a Facebook video after her meeting with the vice principal. In the video, she recounted her daughter's experience.

"They shamed my daughter. She called me crying saying that they asked her to change because her skirt was too short," Rosey said in her video.

The Instagram post is where the debate began. Rosey took two photos and placed them side by side. One was her daughter wearing the dress in question, which the two had measured to make sure the hemline was within the school's guidelines. The second photos was of an unnamed male student with his face blurred. The male student is wearing shorts that look like they break the school's guidelines.

Rosey's post called out the hypocrisy of the situation, and the male student photographed responded. First, he provided context.

"Hello! I'm the guy in that picture," he commented. "(idk how to feel about people taking pictures of me but thanks for blurring my face at least). I think it's important to note the context of my clothing. I didn't wear that around school all day, those were my workout clothes and I changed before going to the weight room after school."

Rosey replied that the context of his clothing did nothing to change the sexism of the situation.

"Yeah, we blurred your face," Rosey wrote. "We are not picking on you specifically, but really wanted to point out that there are boys that dress this way at school. Lots of guys use 'chubbies,' which are shorter than my daughter's skirt. (Again, not you personally) boys can wear shorts to school in 100 degree weather, and the girls cannot. That's just sexist."

The male student then agreed with Rosey. "Well, I think the problem is not so much with the boys who wear them as it is with the administration and an uneven application of the rules (which I do acknowledge exists, and do not support)," he wrote.

In a statement to Yahoo Style, Barry Perez, executive director of communications for the school district said, "This issue was addressed by campus administrators in a manner consistent with other dress code violations on campus and no disciplinary action was taken. The student was not taken out of class during a test, rather she was sent to visit with campus administration after her test was completed."

Sources: Yahoo Style, Teen Vogue / Photo credit: Rosey Abuabara/Instagram

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