Girl Claims She's Seen Everything On The Internet; Father's Response Is Epic (Video)


After a teenager told her father that she’d seen everything on the Internet, he decided to show her something he learned online that, as it turns out, she must have missed.

In a video that garnered over 100,000 views since it was first posted earlier this week, the father is seen showing his daughter a “magic trick” involving a bottle of soda and a coin. He places the coin under the bottle and tells her to look through the top to make sure she can see the coin through the liquid. He then takes a plastic bag and places it over the bottle before quickly sliding it off.

“Can you see it now?” the father asked. The daughter leaned in and looked down into the bottle, just as she’d done before. The big finale comes when the father grabs the bottle and squeezes the drink onto his daughter’s face.

Apparently she hadn’t seen everything.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube / Photo Credit: youtube.com


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