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Internet Raises Money For Injured Chick-Fil-A Employee (Photo)

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Photos of a teenage Chick-Fil-A employee who continued to work in a neck brace and arm sling after he was in a car accident have gone viral online, sparking a large fundraising effort in his name. 

Jakeem Tyler served customers at an Indiana Chick-Fil-A even with the serious injuries he had from a car accident, the Daily Mail reports. Tyler was working the register to raise money for local charity Homeless Hoosiers, which provides food for the homeless.  

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Customer Cameron Nelson spotted Tyler and snapped a photo of the young man, which he then shared on Facebook.  The photo has since gone viral.  

“I saw this young man working with a neck brace & a sling. We sneeze too hard & decide to call in, but he's workin like nothing's wrong,” Nelson posted. “When I placed my order, I asked him what happened... he said he was involved in a car accident, but he was working cause he needs the money & also wants to feed the homeless for Christmas & needs the cash. He's definitely doin it for a great cause & I was amazed he's still workin despite his condition.”

Nelson created a GoFundMe page in support of Tyler. Within four days, the page had collected more than $15,000, far exceeding the original goal of $2,500.  

His employer, Chick-fil-A, issued a statement praising Tyler: 

Jakeem is a phenomenal young man and an outstanding team member. He is an inspiration both in terms of his work ethic and commitment to serving others.

Although he was in a car accident recently, he returned to work after being cleared by his doctor and with the support of his family so he could not only serve alongside his team in the restaurant but also earn money to give back to others. We are beyond proud of Jakeem and support his efforts to serve the homeless in our community.

In regards to the money being donated on his behalf: Jakeem is grateful for the support of the community. How he decides to utilize the money is up to Jakeem and his parents.

Sources: Daily Mail, GoFundMe / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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