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Teen Bullies Didn't See This Coming (Video)

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Shocking footage of a teenager defending another student being sucker-punched by two bullies has gone viral after being posted on YouTube (video below).

A school bullying incident that starts out like an ordinary juvenile attack ends with a twist after a Good Samaritan swoops in to save the day.

The video shows a lone teen sitting at what looks to be a cafeteria table, minding his own business and looking at his phone.

Moments later, two other students rush toward the boy sitting at the table and start pummeling him with punches on his back and head as the victim curls up into a ball.

Bystanders gather around the brutal scene and one person can be heard screaming, “What the f***!”

Just when the situation looks hopeless for the bullied teen, a boy dressed in a black hoodie runs over to defend the student, as noted on Downtrend.

The heroic teen sneaks up behind the bullies and starts hitting them in an effort to make them stop. It works, and one of the bullies runs away while the other seems confused.

“Know what he did!” yells one of the bullies. The Good Samaritan responds back by saying, “He didn’t’ hurt nobody,” adding, “so what?”

The video ends with a woman walking over to the victim and checking on him.

Although schoolyard fights are a common occurrence, what makes this incident unique is that a black teen stood up for a white student who was being bullied by two black teens.

With racial tension in the United States running so high, moments like this provide an uplifting relief.

The location and identities of the students involved have not been released and it is unknown if the victim pressed charges against the bullies or if they were reprimanded.

Sources: Downtrend, Crazy Fight Videos/YouTube / Photo credit: YouTube via Mad World News

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