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Video Shows Girl Screaming At Relative In Mall (Video)

A video uploaded to LiveLeak shows a girl screaming at a man believed to be her grandfather in a mall because she is late for an appointment with Apple (video below).

In the footage, the green-haired teenager is waiting in line for food with her relative, Daily Mail reported.

“I don't want to wait in line for 20 f*****g minutes doing absolutely nothing when we're supposed to be at our f*****g appointment,” she says in the video, according to the Mail.

The girl was reportedly due to have her iPhone fixed. However, she begins to lose her temper.

“I've been starving all f*****g day!” she shouts.

It is unclear where, precisely, the video was shot.

“I was in a mall waiting for Asian food which ended up tasting like garbage. All of a sudden this green haired girl starts cussing at her Grandpa about how they're going to be late to fix her iPhone. Merry Christmas I guess,” the video's uploader wrote.

The girl’s frustration builds as she says they were supposed to be at the meeting five minutes earlier.

“Can you please just go up there and talk to them for me and like leave me the money or something,” she adds.

“You take my phone and you go up there and you talk to them,” she says.

The elderly man agrees and hands over his credit card so the girl can buy the food.

“Go, go, go,” the girl says as he leaves.

Even after he has left, she continues to stamp her feet and swear while in line.

Mirror reported that some online commenters had compared the girl to Veruca Salt from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," who states in the film, “I want the world, I want the whole world.”

“I would have walked up to her face mid rant, during her startled pause from my invasion of her safe space, I would loudly say ‘You are an ugly crier,’ then smile and walk away,” commented one viewer.

The video has received thousands of views and was later deleted. We don’t know whether the girl managed to get her phone fixed.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: dailymatador/Flickr

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