Teen: I Was Attacked In Bathroom For A Word On T-Shirt


A student claims he was assaulted in his school’s bathroom for wearing a T-shirt with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's name on it.

The teen -- who goes by the Twitter name Emanuel or @c6rti -- posted photos of a blood-splattered bathroom and a broken tooth on Twitter.

His March 30 tweet reads: “just got jumped in the bathroom for wearing a trump shirt. here's my front tooth.”

His post has since gone viral and garnered more than 7,500 retweets and more than 7,900 likes in two days.

And while the attack has not been verified, the responses on Twitter have been less than supportive, according to Bizpac Review.

@Benjamin_MCQ writes: “good.”

@AlanaDelGoddess says: “What a wonderful way to start my day”

@Alexthe0 responded with: “haha dam that's what supporting a racist gets ya oh well”

@AshElNegro writes: “never been less sympathetic about anything in my life.”

Not much else is known about the teenager except that his name is Emanuel and that he is an avid Trump supporter.

“I did/have done absolutely nothing to deserve getting jumped and threatened for my life,” Emanuel tweeted.

Sources: Bizpac Review, Emanuel/Twitter / Photo credit: Emanuel/Twitter

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