Hair-Pulling Prank Goes Wrong (Video)


In a hilarious viral video (below), a teenage boy gets what's coming to him while he and two friends attempt to pull a prank on women at their school.

The quick clip, originally posted to Vine by Samuel Grubbs, shows a group of students at North Carolina's Wingate University shouting "Yaga" while pulling on girls' ponytails.

The first of the two boys pull on the ponytails of the girls sitting at the table behind them. Then, when it's the third boy's turn, he quickly regrets his decision.

The third ponytail was actually a hair piece, which he pulled off of the woman behind him. Immediately realizing his mistake, he looks up to find the woman standing before him with a raised hand. She then swings and slaps him so hard that he passes out into the lap of the student sitting next to him.

The clip quickly went viral, with more than 47 million views since being uploaded.

Social media users had plenty to say about the slap.

"She slapped that man back to the first century," one Twitter user wrote.

"Look at the last dudes face - he immediately knew he messed up," another user commented. 

"She slapped him into the next life," one viewer wrote.

Sources: Daily MailMichael Dennis/YouTube / Photo credit: SamuelSampson/Vine via Daily Mail

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