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Teen Spots Mysterious Ghostly Figure In Selfie

After taking a Snapchat selfie with her baby nephew and photobombing sister, an Irish teen noticed a mysterious ghost-like figure lurking in the background.

Reports say that Bethany Harvey of Northern Ireland was taking a selfie with her baby nephew when her sister jumped in to photobomb her. Harvey set the caption as “Photo bombed!” because of her sister’s action, but she didn’t realize until after she sent it out that the caption took on an entirely new meaning.

After a friend commented on the photo, Harvey noticed what appears to be the ghost of a girl sitting in the background.

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“I was taking a picture on Snapchat of my nephew and I, but my sister jumped into the background so I captioned the picture 'photo bombed!'” Harvey explained to The Daily Mirror. “A friend of mine came to my house that night and pointed out what looks to be a woman with her hands folded on her knees in the background, baring in mind the picture was taken facing the living room door. Although we can't see the face of the figure the rest of it is as clear as day.”

Harvey insists that there was nobody else in the room other than her nephew and sister while they were snapping the picture.

“There was nobody else in the living room at the time, except for the ghost girl in the purple dress,” Harvey said. “A lot of creepy things have happened in the house, I don't go into the living room in the dark anymore because I fear I might see something.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror / Photo Sources: The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail


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