Teen Red Sox Fan Gives Baseball To Boy (Video)


A teenage boy was recently given a baseball at a Boston Red Sox game, but passed the prize onto a younger boy.

In a video (below) of the incident, the teen is handed the ball by a Red Sox ball girl.

The teen celebrated for moment, got up and walked several feet to give the ball to a young boy who was decked out in a cap and glove.

Deadspin.com noted, "There appears to be a good teen who lives in Boston and is a Red Sox fan. Nothing makes sense anymore."

In May, a woman was filmed (video below) catching a foul ball, giving the ball to a boy, but demanding it back.

That bizarre incident happened during a Kansas City Royals-New York Yankees baseball game, noted the Daily Mail.

The woman was reportedly heard saying, "Give me my ball back!"

Sources: Deadspin.com, Daily Mail
Image: MLB Screenshot


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