'They Make Me Feel So Bad': Teen Opens Up About School Bullying In Heartfelt Video (Video)


A Michigan teen posted a heartbreaking video to YouTube, begging her school and fellow students to stop bullying her and allowing the cruel behavior to continue.

Dana Hamrick, a 16-year-old student at Truman High School in Taylor, Michigan, posted the video (shown below) online last week after becoming fed up with how she was being treated at school by both students and faculty.

“They make me feel so bad about myself,” Hamrick says in the video of the students and staff.

The emotional teen goes on to reveal stories of the mockery she faces during her time in school, including an incident involving her and a vice principal. Hamrick says she was in the hallway crying when the vice principal asked her where she was supposed to be. When the teen said she was supposed to be at lunch, the vice principal responded bluntly and insensitively.

“Oh, you can’t hide,” the vice principal reportedly said. “Get out of my sight.”

“The only reason why I’m hiding is so I don’t get made fun of in the lunch room,” Hamrick says in the video through tears. She also describes an earlier incident at lunch when she was sitting at a table alone, and students were pointing and laughing at her.

“There was people in the lunch line, pointing at me and talking about me – saying that I was special ed, and that they didn’t want to be friends with me, and it looked like there was something wrong with me," Hamrick recalls.

In another incident, Hamrick says a vice principal reportedly threatened to suspend her because she “wasn’t in the cafeteria ... getting bullied.”

“I posted this video because I wanted people to know that bullying hurts," she says.

"It does. Words do hurt,” Hamrick told MyFoxDetroit.

Hamrick also told MyFoxDetroit that when she first posted the video, school officials asked her to take it down. Hamrick reportedly complied, but then reposted it the next day.

In response to Hamrick’s emotional video, Truman High School issued a statement condemning the alleged bullying.

“We at Truman High School in no way, shape, or form, condone bullying and immediately address any issues once they are brought to our attention,” the statement read.

The assistant superintendent of Taylor schools, Teresa Winnie, told MyFoxDetroit that after the video was posted, the school contacted Hamrick's parents to set up a meeting. Winnie also claimed that the school district offered an intervention months ago but Hamrick refused.

Hamrick's parents, however, say that although the school alerted them to the bullying months ago, they were not contacted again until after the video was posted.

“So, public schools are supposed to educate everyone. But this poor kid can't function. I mean, there's got to be a better place for her,” viewer Tranam commented on Reddit. “Clearly, she can't cope with what's in front of her now.”

“Sweetheart just to let you know you are beautiful and I love your hair. I will be your friend and kick your bullys ass,” Redditor Bjdevall added.

Watch the emotional video below.

Sources: Reddit, My Fox Detroit

Photo Credit: myfoxdetroit.com



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