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Oklahoma Teen Explains What It's Like To Be Named Isis


An Oklahoma teenager has spoken out about the bullying she endured in school due to her unusual name.

Isis Brown, 14, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, said she has been harassed in school because of her name, which bears an unfortunate link to the ISIS terrorist group, KJRH reports.

The teen said bullies have been making fun of her name for the last three years.

"They said, we seen you on the news last night killing us Americans," she told KJRH.

"I've been called a terrorist," she added.

Isis' mother, Doris Brown, said the bullying got so bad that her daughter had to transfer schools.

The seventh-grader, who aspires to be a DJ, is now happier at school.

"They handle [the bullying] much better than the other school she was at," Doris said. "They are really supportive, the teachers are and the principal."

Isis' father, John Brown, said his daughter was named after the Egyptian goddess of health, marriage and wisdom.

"They always loved her name, thought it was the most beautiful, unique name," John added. "People always wondered where she got it from."

The teen appeared in a video in which she discussed the bullying she's experienced in school and urged others with the name "Isis" to be proud of their unique name.

"Love your name, cherish your name," Isis said in the video, which Nathan Edwards, a journalist for KJRH, posted to Facebook on Jan. 8.

The video received more than 84,000 views in four days. The Facebook post has been shared more than 1,000 times.

Users writing in the comments section of the post offered their sympathy and support to the teen.

"What a strong young woman!" one poster wrote. "Don't give the jerks anymore of your tears or energy. They aren't worth it!!!"

"Continue to hold your head high," another urged. "Those that are bullying you are no better than the cowards they are comparing you to."

"I understand this girls pain, my middle name is Isis and I've been called a terrorist too," another user wrote.

This is not the first time a teenager by the name of "Isis" reported being bullied in school.

In December 2015, 17-year-old Isis Soriano-Logan in Albuquerque, New Mexico, reported receiving threats at school because of her name, according to KOB.

The teen said other students taunted her and laughed when her name was called in class. 

Sources: KJRH, KOB, Nathan Edward KJRH/Facebook / Photo credit: KJRH, Nathan Edwards KJRH/Twitter

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