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Teen On Life Support After Participating In 'Fire Challenge'

The so-called "Fire Challenge," which originated in or around 2012 with a YouTube video that has since garnered more than half-a-million views, has struck again. An unidentified 16-year-old boy from Orange County, Florida, is on life support after being dared by other teenagers to light himself on fire, WESH reports.

The teen covered himself with flammable liquid and had a friend light a match and hold it to his clothes. The friend complied, and the victim suffered second- and third-degree burns on his arms, chest and back.

“He was just screaming for somebody to help him,” neighbor Esther Ruiz said.

The teen’s aunt, Lisa Oliphant, saw the entire incident and doused him in water before calling 911. She said he had "skin hanging off his arms."

Oliphant told WESH reporters that she isn't mad but wants something done about the incident.

The friend has not been charged at this point.

Sources: YouTube, WESH / Photo credit: Jakob Lawitzki/Flickr


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