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Final Facebook Post About Faith In God Goes Viral

The social media post Sierra Jones made before she died has touched the lives of many people throughout the world.

On March 27, the day before Sierra was killed in a car accident, the Mississippi college student wrote a Facebook post that has brought a sense of peace to her loved ones.

"I know for a fact God is real," she wrote, which was shared more than 2,200 times in the week following her death.

Sarah Jones, mother of the 19-year-old, told WLOX that several people in her neighborhood in Biloxi, Mississippi, have told her how Sierra’s post affected their faith in God.

"Since Monday, we've been comforted by that Facebook post because so many kids in this community have text me," Sarah explained. "They've called, they've inboxed me on Facebook crying, and saying 'I want to know God. I want to be saved.'"

Sarah explained that the Easter service at church reaffirmed Sierra’s belief in God.

"She was telling me, 'Mom, when Pastor August made the altar call for those that wanted to receive salvation to come up ... I didn't want to move from my seat because I just wanted to talk to God myself,'" Sarah recalled of her late daughter.

Roshuan Jones, Sierra's father, spoke of his daughter’s abilities to reach out to people, which has been evident even following her death.

"She was a natural leader, and she knew how to draw a crowd," Roshaun said. "She was just amazing."

On April 4, hundreds of loved ones and well-wishers attended her funeral, many of whom spoke of Sierra’s faith in God and the impact it had on their spiritual well-being.

"I always doubted beliefs, especially since her last post was ‘I know for a fact God is real,'" said Rex Ravita, a friend of Sierra’s. "I think it shook our community and actually made us feel."

"Like her last post, everyone's been saying that 'I know for a fact God is real,'" said Strahd Zarley, St. Martin High JROTC member. "That makes me more of a believer and it just hurts inside to know that she's gone."

As Sierra’s mother hopes that her daughter’s death was not in vain, she had one request to ask those who attended the funeral.

"The greatest thing that would give me peace and solace in this moment is those of you who heard her last words, would heed the call for Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Savior," she said.

Sources: KVVU, WLOX, Sierra Jones/Facebook / Photo credit: Sierra Jones/Facebook

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