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Teen Activist Cleans Up Blood From Chicago Street

An inspiring 18-year-old activist has cleaned up the aftermath of a violent crime scene in Chicago, saying that he did it when the police wouldn't.

Lamon Reccord scrubbed the blood from the sidewalk where where a shooting had occurred, after attending a vigil for seven people who were killed in Chicago's South Shore neighborhood during shootings, WGN-TV reports.

"From Thursday until Saturday, [not] the police, not the fire department, nobody had the audacity [nor] the heart to clean that up," said Reccord. "[They did not] think about how the blood on the ground can affect lives."

After a violent crime, businesses are responsible for cleaning an indoor crime scene, but in public areas like sidewalks, the police are to call the fire department to wash away the blood.

"I cleaned the blood up and it wasn't my first time doing it," said Reccord, who reportedly lives four blocks from the crime scene. "Because children walk on that sidewalk every day to go to school.  They should not have to see that blood every day to remind them of what happened."

Reccord also cleaned a nearby restaurant, Nadia's Fish and Chicken, where four of the seven people who were shot in a 12-hour period were killed.

Reccord, who shared on Facebook that he has lost over 15 friends to gun violence, said that if he has to, he will clean blood off of the sidewalk again.

"I feel as if I have to do it again," he said. "If police or biohazard unit don't do it, this guy will."

Users on social media praised Reccord for cleaning up the crime scene.

"For a job you should not have to do," wrote one commenter. "Good job Lamon. As a [Southsider] it means a lot to me."

"Thank you Lamon, for your strength, compassion, and doing what needed to be done," said another.

Reccord, who describes himself as an activist and organizer, says in his Facebook profile that he is attempting to enact positive change in Chicago.

"After experiencing a tough childhood, I decided to make my past affect my future in a positive way and to not to use that as an excuse for a rough time I have ever been through," Reccord says. "I started to look at a lot of things differently at a young age like my family members making the wrong decision."

"I decided to take a different path in my life at a young age and wanted to be somebody," he continues. "That somebody that would change what's happening in the city that other people didn't like nor wanted to see."

Sources: WGN-TV, Lamon Q. Reccord/Facebook (2) / Photo credit: Lamon Q. Reccord/Facebook

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