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Man Caught On Camera Returning Wallet To Family (Photos)

Man Caught On Camera Returning Wallet To Family (Photos) Promo Image

A young Sacramento man is receiving well-deserved praise on social media after he went out of his way to return a wallet he found, which had $1,500 in cash inside.

Melissa Vang posted the now-viral clip on Facebook on Sept. 15, Mashable reported. It shows a young man waving what appears to be a wallet at a security camera in front of the woman's front porch.

The good Samaritan was later identified as 18-year-old Tyler Opdyke, KHTK reported. He was handing out fliers promoting his uncle's pest control business when he noticed the wallet in the driveway of Vang's home.

"I don't open my door to strangers, or anyone really that I don't know or recognize," Vang told KHTK. "So after he walked away, I checked my camera."

That's when she saw the young man waving her husband's wallet, placing it under her doormat and then leaving to continue handing out fliers.

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Vang provided more details in the Facebook post, where she thanked him for his good deed:

God bless this young man's heart. My husband dropped his wallet (with hundreds of dollars and all his credit cards) in our drive way and this gentleman picked it up and left it at our doorstep after waiting for a few minutes, because I wouldn't open the door (for strangers). I later found him. Thanked and rewarded him for his kind gesture. It's sad that I didn't trust him to open my door when he was just doing a good deed. Sadly, this is the world we live in today. We hear so much terrible news and barely any good. I think we all need to be reminded that there are still good people out there. His act of kindness cannot go unrecognized. Thank you Tyler. Please share!

The post was shared more than 600 times and viewed more than 50,000 times in less than a week.

“I just really thought about what I would want someone to do if I were to drop my wallet,” Opdyke told the news station. “And then I thought about the house. I thought about the family who lived there."

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He even made a second visit to make sure the family got their wallet back.

“I went back to go see if the money was still there because if it was, I was going to keep knocking," Opdyke said. "And that's when Melissa and her two girls came out and we hugged."

Vang reportedly rewarded him with $150.

Sources: Mashable, KHTK, Melissa Vang/Facebook / Featured Image: Mike Mozart/Flickr / Embedded Images: WTXF, Yahoo! News

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